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Wildlife watch

In the Easter holidays the ‘Wildplay’ day held at St Peter’s Church went down a storm! Literally in fact, as part way through the event there was a massive hailstorm!! 
The children found it very exciting to be stranded underneath the gazebo with the hail hammering down! 
Around 20 children came along to the event and got involved in all kinds of adventurous activities to do with wildlife - from bug-hunting, to natural arts and crafts; from den-building to mushing up seeds and fat to hang up as bird feeders! 

The aim of the day was to encourage youngsters to discover the delights of the natural world. They certainly did that!

Making art and craft Dragonflies and Butterflies!                            

Making tasty bird feeders! 

The event was organised by the ‘Your Environment’ Group, which is involved in lots of different projects like the new solar panels at Silkmore School and the new cycle parking. Please come and help us! 
We are looking for members of the local community to help with existing projects and come up with ideas for new ones!!

So if you are do get in touch with Karen on 619408,

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