Penkside Community Champions were nominated into the Stafford Borough Council Community Awards 2018. We then became short listed into and were announced the winners of "Action in the community award" below is a short video rerecorded of our Treasurer and Funding Manager Stewart Bishop. 

Action in the community award 2018

Pictured 1 Left - Right Ralph Cooke Penkside Borough Councillor, Stewart Bishop Treasurer and Funding Manager, Andrew Edwards Chairman, Ann Edgeller County Councillor.

Pictured 2 Left - Right Stewart Bishop Treasurer and Funding Manager, Andrew Edwards Chairman.

Inspiring Individual 2018

Our Chairman Andrew Edwards was nominated in the Stafford Borough Council Community Awards 2018. He also was short listed and was later on in the evening announced the winner of the "Inspiring Individual 2018" award below is a video recorded of our Chairman himself Andrew Edwards.

Pictured Andrew Edwards Chairman.


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