Treasure Seekers

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22.01.18(CLOSED)     26.02.18(CLOSED)    26.03.18(CLOSED)      

29.01.18(CLOSED)     05.03.18(CLOSED)      

Treasure Seekers is run by Julie, Abbie and Lesley.

Thursday’s 1:00 - 3:00

Treasure Seekers helps your child take the lead in their own play time, teaching children everyday skills like Drawing, Balancing, Sorting, Gardening, Arts & Crafts! Why not come along and have a friendly chat with other adults that want their child to take the lead in their play time all just for £1.50 per child and 50p per additional child.

02.04.18(CLOSED)     07.05.18(CLOSED)    11.06.18(CLOSED)      

09.04.18(CLOSED)     14.05.18(CLOSED)    18.06.18(CLOSED)      

16.04.18(CLOSED)     21.05.18(CLOSED)    25.06.18(CLOSED)      

23.04.18(CLOSED)     28.05.18(CLOSED)    

30.04.18(CLOSED)     04.06.18(CLOSED)      

02.07.18(CLOSED)     06.08.18(CLOSED)    10.09.18(CLOSED)      

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30.07.18(CLOSED)     03.09.18(CLOSED)      

01.10.18(CLOSED)     05.11.18(CLOSED)    10.12.18(CLOSED)      

08.10.18(CLOSED)     12.11.18(CLOSED)    17.12.18(CLOSED)      

15.10.18(CLOSED)     19.11.18(CLOSED)    24.12.18(CLOSED)      

22.10.18(CLOSED)     26.11.18(CLOSED)    31.12.18(CLOSED)      

29.10.18(CLOSED)     03.12.18(CLOSED)      

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