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Volunteering with the Penkside Community Champions

You may ask yourself why volunteer with the Penkside Community Champions and not another organisation within Stafford, this is because we are an award-winning community group winning an ‘Action in the community’ award. Volunteering with us can help lead to the following;

  • Gain Practical Experience

  • Develop transferable skills and learning

  • Foster key relationships with local partners- potential references/ future employers.

  • Access training and qualifications (if appropriate)

  • Make a difference and have fun!


Key outcomes of becoming involved in volunteering are to develop confidence through communication with groups, listening to individuals and supporting people.

Volunteering can provide a real sense of personal fulfillment and achievement, with the opportunity to make friends, establish new contacts, and reward you by developing new skills and mastering fresh challenges.


There are many different opportunities within the Penkside Community Champions here are just a few to get you thinking about what you may be interested in;

  • Administration roles

  • Childcare roles

  • Community engagement

Opportunities with Penkside Community Champions

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