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New PV Panels at St Peters Church, Rickerscote

We only have one earth. Yet, our global population is currently using the equivalent of 1.5 planets to provide the resources we consume! This, plus a rapidly growing world population means our planet is really being squeezed. 

Faith communities across the world are increasingly recognising these issues and accepting that there is a moral imperative and urgent need to achieve sustainability - it’s not surprising that those who care for God’s creation
take environmental issues seriously!

St Peter’s Church community, Rickerscote, is doing its bit and over the last 18 months has become wholeheartedly involved in a range of projects to support the environment.

St Peter’s have already had an energy audit carried out, which identified ways to save energy and reduce bills. As a result a heating control timer was fitted to the heating system and improvements to the insulation in the community centre roof were made. Cycle parking has also been installed at the church and community centre to encourage people to cycle, and recently there have been several
initiatives to promote wildlife, including children’s wildlife activity days. These ‘Wildplay Days’ have involved making bird feeders, den building, making bird boxes, planting wildlife friendly plants, creating insect homes and making a hedgehog box!

The most recent initiative has been the installation last week (w/b 30th July) of a solar photo voltaic system which will generate up to 7Kw of electricity, helping reduce electricity bills, as well as providing an income from the Feed in Tariff. 

The PV project, instigated by the ‘Your Environment Group’, is part of the  Penkside Project, and aims to aim to bring environmental, community and economic benefits to the area.

For more details contact, Karen Davies, Partnerships Co-ordinator, 01785 619408,

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