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Trustee Board

Secretary of Trustee Board 
Chairman of Trustee Board
Treasurer of Trustee Board
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member

Management Team

Secretary/ Communications Officer - Denise Corbett
Head of the management team - Andrew Edwards 
Treasurer - Stewart Bishop
Assistant to lead on management team - Julie Burton Westwood
Marketing Director - Lesley Burton 
Committee Member - Cath Boyle
Committee Member - David Clark
Committee Member - Michael Lander


Volunteer - Dani Burton Westwood
Volunteer - Nicole Murray
Volunteer - Abbie Burton Westwood
Volunteer - Oliver Sandbrook
Volunteer - Simon Burton Westwood
Volunteer - Julie James
Volunteer - Andrew Edwards
Volunteer - Stewart Bishop
Volunteer - Julie Burton Westwood 
Volunteer - Denise Corbett
Volunteer - David Clark
Volunteer - Michael Lander
Volunteer - Cath Boyle 
Volunteer - Mark Westwood
Volunteer - Lesley Burton
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