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Great British Clean Up

Pictured from the left are: Julie Edwards (Resident) Mark Burton-westwood (Volunteer) Julie Burton-Westwood (Volunteer) Andrew Edwards (Penkside Champion) David Clark (Resident) Kate & Beth Burton-Westwood (Resident) Abby Burton-Westwood (Volunteer)

Saturday 4th March saw the start of a cleaner and healthier Britain with the new project "The Great British Clean Up" where communities across Britain pull together having a community litter-pick to help make their area's cleaner. below are picture of residents also the Penkside Champions doing a litter-pick for the Silkmore area.

General Litter Picks in your area!

The Penkside Champions have decided to take action by organising Monthly litter picks through the year. the following dates are below.If you would like to take part in any of our litter picks please do not hesitiate to contact us. 

The dates of the next litter picks are.


April 7th 2018         May 5th 2018        June 2nd 2018        July 7th 2018

Litter Pick 1 - 04.11.17

This was our first Litter Pick of 2018 using our newly aquired tools bought with funding we received from Violia. Albeit a very wey day we had a great turnout including Jeremy Lefro MP, Councillor Ann Edgeller and Councillor Raplph Cooke

Litter Pick 2 - 03.02.18

Chairman Andrew Edwards, Borough Councillor Ralph Cooke and Resident David Clark

Secretary/ Communication Officer Julie Edwards

Pictured to the left are just a few of the people who turned out to help make a difference on our quarterly litter pick. We thank all you keen people!

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