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Head of the Management Team

Andrew Edwards

I have been elected to be the next head for the Penkside Community Champions management team, I am honored to be able to take this chance to have a greater role within the community group.

I have been involved with Penkside Community Champions for a few years, I have lived in the Silkmore area all of my life, having this chance to take on such a big role at only 18 years old I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.

I am going to be up standing and bring the younger generation in the community to strive and stand up for their community by helping people to have their say what they would like to see or what things need to change in these areas.

I hope this will make them proud to live in the area I am a very passionate person about the area that I live in, I think with help of the community we could turn Silkmore, Rickerscote and Meadow Croft-Park into a wonderful community. 

For information or to get your views across, contact Tel 07449003403 or email

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