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Our Community Organiser's

 I have been working in the Penkside area since 2004, firstly as a Community Police Officer and then after retiring from that role, I Chaired the very first Penkside Champions group.


In 2012 I signed up to a National programme to recruit 500 Community Organiser throughout the whole country. This gave me an opportunity to continue my work in the Penkside area helping local people recognise the potential for themselves and the area. I've remained with the Champions throughout and currently hold their Treasurer position.



In May 2015, along with another Community Organiser, we opened the Old Chapel Works Community Interest Company in Chapel Terrace, Stafford, ST16 3AH, I'm still working in the Penkside area, but have now spread this work throughout Stafford.


Working with the community, we look at any issues raised and see how we can resolve them together. This is all about engaging communities to look at the problem and find a solution to it.

The work of the Community Champions will still continue and just help towards achieving a better community for everyone.

For more information or to get your views accross, contact Tel 07738 729889 or email

Stewart Bishop Senior Community Organiser

Julie Burton Westwood Trainee Community Organiser

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